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The Hunters

The year is currently 1062. It is about a hundred years since the events of the REVIC D&D campaign, and the world has gotten a lot darker. The races of the world are beset by supernatural beasts and phenomena, and just living in the world has become incredibly difficult.
The only defense the common man has against the supernatural threats is the organisation known as The Hunters. They hunt these threats for money, and are experts at their craft.

Most cities that were seen in the REVIC D&D campaign are still mostly intact, as most threats either don’t attack major cities, or thrive undercover, killing slowly without being noticed. Villages mostly survive, but living on your own in the woods is a good way to get killed.

Magic is increasingly rare. Most people currently alive have heard stories of magic, but few people outside of major cities have actually seen anyone wielding magic. Academic study of magic has all but ceased, and practise has been limited mostly to court wizards and sorcerers, as well as agents of The Hunters.

The Dwarves have retreated almost entirely to their cities after a great war a number of years ago which sent them to the brink of extinction. They share their capital, Tumunzar, with The Hunters. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. The Hunters protect the city, while the dwarves sell goods and services, such as food and blacksmithing work.

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World info

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